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Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008 Answered

Vote for your favorite 3 k'nex weapons released in 2008. You may not vote for any of your own designs.



I've noticed that we haven't moved past our favorite stat of power... *sigh*

i think he means that we are all worried about power, not innovative features or replicas.....

range is just as important as power on my agenda. i dont care how much innovative a gun is, or how much of a replica it is.

Range and power are practically the same thing just whether something is getting hit or not. If something is going to hit hard then that means it's going to go far most of the time. The more piercing power it has the further it will go for sure. And that's why you all disappoint me. Some of us try to make something creative and innovative. We want to do things that work good and look cool but all you guys are worried about is the power. It just saddens me truly. It's the reason I never even tried that hard to make a power weapon.

I agree wholeheartedly. Sure it's fun when things go a long way or go through things, but isn't most of the fun from using something cool, unique, and new?

We have enough oodammo pistols and single shots. If I can make something work, I'll make it work. If it only goes 5 feet, then so be it, I'll work on the range later.

obviously and what's next? Accuracy? I know all that important stats on a gun I'm just saying the one that seems the most important is power. And not just power but pure power and nothing but power. Things like accuracy and stuff mater but when someone makes a power gun all they focus on is making it powerful and worry about the rest of the stuff later and the sad part is people eat it up like a stereotypical American at McDs.

idc about accuracy, as I can make up for the slack an inaccurate gun has.

why? if your gun could shoot 150+ feet but you miss by 10 feet everytime whats the point?

oh god cant we just all like guns for different reasons-i like guns which are fast fire and i like pmp action, but i dont care that somebody just likes guns for power, cos thats their opinion

ok wutever... i dont really care that much (not trying 2 b mean)

There is a point to that though. Unless that gun is a shotgun you're not going to get anywhere with a gun that can't hit something 10 meters away.

Try me. Accuracy doesn't come with the gun, but with the shooter. The only accuracy a gun has is the distance it is easy to hit the target

Alright you have a war with a gun that shoots a bullet in every direction randomly so that it isn't accurate even up to 10 meters and tell me how you do.

well machine guns in Rl ussually have a heavy recoil and tend to fly in every direction, and they are ussually ment for medium length away. When you use a burst fire like aussalt rifles are supposed to be used for you tend to be more accurate than sending bullets flying in random directions. It is the shooter that makes if the gun is accurate or not.

not completely true but.... i guess the shooter does have some influence...

"We want to do things that... look cool" Speak for yourself.

"some of us..." I did and for whoever wants to be included. Did I say " Everyone including oodalumps..." ?

I just get irritable when people talk about a gun's looks like they're important.

?? No it's not. He has his right to his own thoughts but when he points it out sort of as a command to me he has no excuse to do so. I respect ooda and all but I took it sort of offensively.

Well I just think that if the gun works well then you should see if you can try making it look more attractive to the eye. Even most modern weapons which really only need to work well are still designed to look nice and clean. And just as some knex weapons are made just to work well some are made just to look good. Personally I hate pure power weapons so I can't blame you for hating guns for pure looks but you don't need to exercise it so much.

i knew thats what you were going to say..... anyways i agree. 25 feet is fine for me not 200+.....

i reckon innovation is extremely important, otherwise we'd still be making different versions of slingshots.

no! privacy! lol :D You revealed yours to me, i haven't given you permission! Gah!

They're the new block trigger. Not that they're bad but they're just overused without anything else except how the gun is built. As for the actual cons though -They depend on length for power -So far only single shot for the most powerful ones -Takes a little while to reset. -This goes back to the first point but usually they hog quite a few pieces. And all of this just for the extra range. I've thought about a couple ideas though. Hey could you test something for me? Do you have a sling or the ability to make a sling right now? I have an idea on how to "rifle" a sling shot although I'm not sure if it's been done before. Instead of just pulling the rubber band back, twist it quite a bit before locking the bullet in place. I want to see if the twist can generate spin while being shot and if so if it will improve accuracy and range. This would probably be best tested with fins (and make sure that the spin is in the same direction that the fins would normally make it naturally spin)

So you mean by making the rubberband twist you think you can Get better Range and Accuracy? Sounds crazy. I'll do it. But it might take a while because i have a current project that is using most of my spare time.

Yeah because a real rifle uses a "rifled" barrel as in a series of grooves the swirl on the inside of the barrel which causes the bullet to spin thus improving accuracy. I bet if we got knex pieces to spin it would help with their accuracy and range too.

maybe.... i dont know about accuracy it might completely mess the bullet up unless it was a rod but lots of slings shoot connectors.... well it might work on something like DGM's sling

I wouldn't be surprised if killerk did that for his Sr-v1 and sr-v2

Sry, can't. I'm on the iPhone, sneaking a visit to ibles. The chatroom can't run in the iPhone browser.

LOL, I forgot to log off meebo before I shut down.

I think string and compensating triggers are over used.

i dunno... he thought the others thought they werent as good... i like them though

there is a lot of stuff that hasnt been done with sling guns yet.

Like a repeater? I'm testing that. Rifling? I'm going to test that too. Possible method for a real shot gun with good range? Also testing. Crossbow Pistol is another thing I still have yet to accomplish seeing how no one else wants to take on the challenge. Man I have a lot to do. I think I might post the UMP right now so I can get started!

nah, repeaters have been done with sling mechs, a good example is Knexagon's semi-auto. Real shotguns dont have real range either. Crossbow pistol? I think Wafflicious did that as a major mod to my crossbow.

Well that's an rbg mech. I was thinking more of a gun with a magazine but a single firing system. Although I still think a semi auto rubber band system is better I'm sure there are some reliability freaks out there who would prefer a single rubber band firing system with a magazine. And I mean like a side arm using a crossbow mech. I was planning on using my TDS as a bas and then I would slice the top open in front and make a roof in the back.