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Top 50 2008: Commenters Answered

The year 2008 brought us a lot of new things. Thousands more Instructables to talk about and there was plenty of maker-related items in the news that were discussed in the forums. To see just how much everyone was talking about, well, everything, we crunched the numbers to see who was making the most comments on Instructables and the forums. Below you can see a chart and a list of the top 50 commenters from 2008.


Instructable Comments

Instructable Comments
1 GorillazMiko4118
2 I_am_Canadian3116
3 killerjackalope2743
4 dsman1952762716
5 Oompa-Loompa2243
6 LinuxH4x0r2210
7 The Jamalam2077
8 Kiteman2012
9 admin1981
10 Plasmana1955
11 DrWeird1171834
12 Derinsleep1785
13 DJ Radio1644
14 Viccie.B19931521
15 gmjhowe1479
16 AnarchistAsian1372
17 bannana inventor1296
18 Bartboy1277
19 cowscankill1266
20 Oblivitus1213
21 apples!!!!!1177
22 knex_pls1107
23  =SMART=1088
24 the_burrito_master1035
25 PineapplebobTheGreat1026
26 _Ko0LaiD_962
27 knex_builder_freak944
28 alex-sharetskiy936
29 Adrian monk915
30 thermoelectric866
31 bumpus858
32 codongolev835
33 randofo823
34 joejoerowley781
35 TheDunkis779
36 Weissensteinburg771
37 canida760
38 knexguy717
39 craz meanman694
40 Goodhart681
41 Gjdj3659
42 Darth Gecko Man651
43 Grey_Wolfe645
44 Storm950637
45 shooby631
46 PKM627
47 thebboy596
48 Skate6566593
49 RocketScientist2015574
50 Superjustin18560

Forum Comments

Forum Comments
1 Goodhart10161
2 Kiteman6049
3 Adrian monk5291
4 killerjackalope4541
5 DJ Radio3327
6 NachoMahma3263
7 RocketScientist20153081
8 Keith-Kid2960
9 Skate65662827
10 Plasmana2347
11 skunkbait2153
12 bumpus2127
13 guyfrom7up2124
14 LinuxH4x0r2111
15 tech-king2052
16 Labot20011919
17 Doctor What1868
18 dsman1952761867
19 Weissensteinburg1833
20 GorillazMiko1672
21 AnarchistAsian1669
22 Sunbanks1503
23 Chicken22091458
24 whatsisface1426
25 kelseymh1383
26 I_am_Canadian1381
27 caitlinsdad1324
28 thermoelectric1301
29 ll.131185
30 zachninme1177
31 =SMART=1177
32 Spl1nt3rC3ll1142
33 jessyratfink1132
34 TheDunkis1131
35 gmjhowe1088
36 westfw1085
37 Superjustin181081
38 Tool Using Animal987
39 Brennn10980
40 gmoon948
41 n8man827
42 Big Bwana824
43 chooseausername807
44 Patrik796
45 Darth Gecko Man783
46 Derinsleep745
47 Bran745
48 The Jamalam733
49 CameronSS690
50 alex-sharetskiy664


Yay! Number 14 ain't bad!

Number 7? wow! I had no idea ;}

w00t I got on the list! Ninth place ftw! Congrats to all the other winners. There should be a patch for this :D

i agree. so what should we call it? the no life award? the I talk to much award? the i live on instructables award? the i have to much to say award? the... (I'm just joking BTW, but i do like the idea for a patch)

They have a thread about the patvh idea just letting you know

Yes, call it the "I have no life other than Instructables" patch! :D

nah, call it the "very active member" patch.

Yeah, you are just one step ahead of me....

thanks for your congrats! and I also agree on a patch.

I vote for a patch,and rate your comment positively.

Hold on... I've been here since may last year, and I'm 7th?!

I was here since June of last year, and im 5th!

Not what I meant, lol. But I do love "That 70's Show"! Don't you dare insult it either!

Is this for all of instructables or just knexers?

its for everyone. Im the only knexer in the top 10 forum commenters.

So I'm the 20th biggest talker on this site out of thousands? XD

If I make the 09 list I'll be shocked, I'm not going to be around as much due to school and a real need to get things done.

I will, I'll be outside enjoying the weather.

ah well, I was only here for 6 months before this was posted, everyone above me has been there for at least a year.

WOAH!!! I am on both ratings/lists!!! SWEEET!!!!