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Top 50 2008: Instructables Answered

Yesterday we looked at theTop 50 commenters for 2008 and today we'll be looking at the numbers for the top 50 Instructables of 2008.

Since there's no one way of declaring a list of Instructables, we created three top 50 lists. These cover Instructables in order of rating, pageviews, and comments. Instructables on these lists were all published in 2008.

Let's go to the graphs and charts!

Top 50 Instructables: Pageviews

1 Body-Mod: Elf Ears347738
2 Use your laptop as an Xbox/Xbox 360 "Wireless Adapter" on Windows XP/Vista, and Mac OSX220780
3 Fix the Red Ring of Death! (without towels!)177285
4 Laser cutter, start slicing stuff for under 50 dollars159647
5 Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip159408
6 How to build a 72Volt electric motorcycle159261
7 How to make out145713
8 Inverted Bookshelf137198
9 Munny Speakers124736
10 Awesome led cube118293
11 Firefox Pranks!117449
12 How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor116481
13 How to French Kiss115958
14 How To: Make Bath Bombs108287
15 Gift Ideas107914
16 DIY USB "Hard Drive"96588
17 Safely Shaving Your Pubic Hair96144
18 WinXP Overhaul Guide: How to make it look like Vista, run like lightning, and stay productive, fast & smooth94980
19 Laser Tattoo94705
20 DIY Vinyl Wall Art92752
21 How to refill a "disposable" Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon.89724
22 Make your own Roll-Up Keyboard89558
23 Hidden USB Storage86430
24 how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment84340
25 Build a 60 Watt Solar Panel82286
26 Grow a square watermelon82275
27 LeGummies brick shaped gummy candies81368
28 USB80875
29 How to remove most of the seeds when cutting up a watermelon80822
30 How to Make a TRON Style Lamp: The MADYLIGHT80281
31 LED Cube 4x4x478936
32 Covert Spy Sunglasses78633
33  Build a water mortar77090
34 Super Nightvision Headset Hack!76634
35 A better laptop stand for bed76101
36 Amazing plasma globe tricks that you never knew before!!!74842
37 How to get a Free Itunes Account (No Credit Card Needed)74490
38 Make an iPod Video Projector74026
39 Homemade Gifts73478
40 Lasers73242
41 Remote shutter trigger for Digital Cameras72911
42 Ergonomic Laptop Stand Made From a Coat Hanger72321
44 Protect Your Home with Laserbeams!71387
45 Iron Man Helmet71358
46 Get Big Money for Dead Batteries70261
47 How to Put on a Condom69805
48 How to make an Iron Man Mask69617
49 How to build a 96-Volt Electric Motorcycle68924
50 Nintendo Lunchbox68164

Top 50 Instructables: Ratings

1 Build A Plasma Speaker4.64
2 Build A Net Gun4.62
3 Wall-E Robot4.60
4 Sew your own Instructables Robot Plushie!4.60
5 How to Make a Portable Game System4.54
6 Build Your Own Butler Robot!!! - Tutorial,Photos, and Video4.54
7 Electromagnetic Floater4.52
8 LED Cube 4x4x44.50
9 LeGummies brick shaped gummy candies4.49
10 DIY Vinyl Wall Art4.49
11 5-minute Chocolate Cake4.48
12 When a Phillips is not a Phillips!4.48
13 Airgun with eXplosive air-Release Valve4.47
14 How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited )4.45
15 How to Start a Business4.45
16 Gandhi: 17' Tall Cardboard Avatar4.44
17 turn signal biking jacket4.44
18 Hidden USB Storage4.44
19 Cyber/Steampunk Futuresque Sci-Fi Hand Gun4.43
20 LED Chess Set4.41
21 Build your own Electric Car!4.41
22 LCS-1M - A Full-Featured, Low-Cost Hobby Oscilloscope4.40
23 Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!4.39
24 Lego USB Stick4.38
27 Aliens Powerloader Halloween Costume4.38
28 Munny Speakers4.37
29 Giant 100mm LED4.37
30 Coilgun Handgun4.37
31 How to Thank Instructables4.36
32 Guitar Tube Amp4.36
33 How to get a Tshirt for GoodHart4.34
34 Creepy Cobweb Shooter!4.34
35 Grow Your Own Bioluminescent Algae 4.32
36 How to make a Portal Gun4.31
37 how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment4.30
38 Duct Tape Messenger Bag + Hardware4.30
39 Firearm Safety: The "do's" and "don'ts" of enjoying guns safely.4.29
40 The Stirling Engine, absorb energy from candles, coffee, and more!4.29
41 Recycle Old Light Bulb4.28
42 USB Batman Spotlight4.28
43 Coffee table upgrade!4.27
44 Steampunk Dystopian Sniper Rifle (Mercury Bow)4.27
45 Building Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smaller4.27
46 How to grow flowers on a military base in Iraq4.26
47 How to make your own LED lightbulbs4.26
48 Iron Man Helmet4.25
49 Cardboard/Fiberglass Halo 3 inspired Master Chief Costume4.25
50 Build Halo Armor4.25

Top 50 Instructables: Comments

1 Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!812
2 Knex Heavy Cannon645
3 Awesome led cube637
4 Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod591
5 Build A Plasma Speaker494
6 DD-27 V2.75 compact AST rifle454
7 WinXP Overhaul Guide: How to make it look like Vista, run like lightning, and stay productive, fast & smooth453
8 The accidental pocket jet engine...427
9 Scavenge free electronics, food, and help the environment400
10 How to make your PSP "Better" or how to have more fun on a Sony PSP379
11 Laser Tattoo376
12 Amazing plasma globe tricks that you never knew before!!!376
13 DSman195276's sidearm --updated-- v1.5 is here!371
15 Wall-E Robot352
16 Knex Heavy Cannon v5 - Handheld342
17 Fix the Red Ring of Death! (without towels!)341
18 How to Build a Time Machine (Vortex Distortion Space and Time Dilating Device) 340
19 Knex Heavy Cannon v2 - Mini339
20 How to get a Tshirt for GoodHart338
21 Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip336
22 Make A Water Leyden Jar331
23 Park 52 knex sniper327
24 Build a simple Marx Generator323
25 Knex Guinea Pig Trap318
26 TRUELY semi-auto knex gun315
27 L96308
28 How to Build a Knife307
29 Pineapplebob's Sniper Rifle306
30 True Trigger, 10 Round, Auto-Loading, Knex Concept Rifle299
31 Fire Shaving290
32 DJ Radio's knex SPEC-9 sniper rifle285
33 How to UPGRADE from Vista to Windows XP on an Acer laptop283
34 How to dodge a draft279
35 Protect Your Home with Laserbeams!279
36 Hidden USB Storage277
37 Knex Compact AST Pistol276
38 Cyber/Steampunk Futuresque Sci-Fi Hand Gun276
39 Steampunk Dystopian Sniper Rifle (Mercury Bow)275
40 Pocket sized survival kit274
41 Knex Pistol "TDS" With Simple Slide Action *Updated as of 8/26/08*271
42 Use your laptop as an Xbox/Xbox 360 "Wireless Adapter" on Windows XP/Vista, and Mac OSX269
43 Body-Mod: Elf Ears266
44 Knex M4 Carbine (True Trigger)257
45 How to make a Portal Gun255
46 DSman195276's sniper rifle254
47 Reaper Crossbow254
48 fully automatic knex gun (UPDATED)252
49 Build your own computer252
50 LeGummies brick shaped gummy candies252



9 years ago

Fifth place for ratings! Woohoo! :P

Who received the most patches?


9 years ago

Why is elf ears viewed so much?

Once I saw your question I had to look at it. I believe the answer is: Because someone actually modded their ears to look like an elf? I couldn't resist looking. And I haven't checked google but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot of referrers to that page from the north pole, especially around Christmas time.

Jessy also happens to be gorgeous. How cute is she in her Robot Plushie photo!?! I'm sure a lot of guys just clicked on it to see more pix of her. Not that the Plushie isn't awesome, because it is. I think I need a cute girl to pose with my next Instructable.

Just realized Elf ears were a friend, but also way cute girl.

Because it's cool? Because Jessy's cool? Because it got picked up by lot's of blogs?

Odd things tend to draw attention? :-)

Hey, Ed. Any chance you can generate a plot of unique "referrers" per I'ble (i.e., all the "google.com" URLs collapse to one count)?

I didn't realize (until I looked at my own "referrers" based on your comment) that search query results got captured. I was actually thinking about counting how many times an I'ble got picked up by someone else's blog (collapsing all the Google results into one count eliminates it as a bias).

That would be interesting. It would be really hard to quantify though. Gummi Legos showed up on Gizmodo.com, Gizmodo.co.uk, .au, .nl, .de, .sp, .fr (maybe more). Separate posts in different languages by different editors. I think all the English ones were the same guy though. They didn't show up on the non-English sites until several weeks after the English blogs. How would you count those? Same thing with Google in different languages. Before I stopped looking through the referrers about 6 weeks ago, I found the Gummi Legos on blogs, and news sites in 20+ countries. I found posts about it in Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Hebrew, Croatian, Russian, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, and one I never figured out for sure. The Gizmodo.com post about them, got over 40,000 hits. I'd love to see where those were coming from. A lot of the sites I found linking to it, went to the Gizmodo post instead of here. I stayed in the top ten for ratings, and just barely snuck in at last place for comments. Honestly, half of the comments were probably me replying to comments. Thanks for the stats Ed.

That is a great achievment for a ible.

It was pretty wild watching it travel around the world.

:-) Yeah, I agree with you. Especially after Handyman's observations of what some of those referrer URLs actually are. I didn't really just how ugly such an analysis would get.

Someone also rewrote it in Chinese, and there is another version in Japanese. They both have my photos but they rewrote the instructions. How did they write it with only 2 or 3 sentences per step?!? Word for word translation of one of my Instructables into another language would be an insane task. Nobody would take a project like that (except me). It's very difficult to find it in other languages as there is usually a unique word for gummy candies in each country, and they use the local term. The only thing they don't translate is SFHandyman, and I can usually find it by searching for that. I just lucked onto most of the non roman alphabet references. I think a couple of them were from links to my photos over on Flickr. A couple of times it was from a comment posted on a non-english forum or blog that said something like: "Cool I saw this here..." and it would be in yet another language.

Giving a physicist numerical data and distributions is kind of like giving a banker free money. We can't help ourselves! :-D

Oh, I'm partly up there.

But only partly.

I saw the thank you ible in real life! It is really cool. Missing a letter though. Maybe someone snagged it for their desk. There were some really elegant pieces, and the overall effect is very impressive.

Just one letter missing? I thought several had got lost in the mail - which letter is still missing?

I remember noticing at least one was missing. There may have been a couple. I can't remember which. I just found a photo of it in the thank you note and there are 4 missing. It seems more complete in my memory but that's not a reliable information repository. I wonder if some arrived later.

Ahh, I see... And why was I not part of it? :-( Am I making everybody somehow jealous about something????

There were only so many letters to go around.

I am only in the Thank You ible.

But you inspired the entire T-shirt project!

Well, that wasn't on purpose :-)

Still, without you, that would never have happened - the first of the site's big secret plot ibles.

You started a small precedent.

Truly, I am sure the trend would have started eventually with someone, had I not come along when I did. But I am glad, if I have inspired extra good will amongst you all. :-)

The accidental clandestine conspiracy founder ?

Kiteman, down in comments, and down in instructables lists. Do I sense a falling from grace?

Yay! I'm in the top rated!

Well it was very cool and your photos were exceptionally gorgeous.

Nice update to the lists, Ed. And great use of s...argh!


You get to use them, but what about the poor benighted souls who want to include nicely laid out parts lists, or lists of HTML entites and character codes, or performance specs for their water rocket.