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Top 50 Instructables Fourm Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments Mosaic! Answered

I just took the data from the Top 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments from a while ago and turned all of the users icon into the a Robot Icon Mosaic.
Here is result.

If someone wants to help me right a script to download all of the users icons I would love to make a giant version with thousands of Pictures.


I don't see myself...
Man, you really like kiteman! And eric!

Well, the program uses images that work for the mosaic and if your does not really fit the colors i guess.

hang on. my yellow avatar doesnt fit on the yellow robot? *skeptical face*

i have more posts than some of those guys. or is it posts on other peoples ibles? because i have a lot of forum posts, but little by way of ibles. shut it rs. otherwise ill advertise my latest product; the invisible computer window. perfect for adding airflow and a window mod to your pc, minus the plexiglass cutting. price on demand.

It's from last years data, when you were nowhere to be found.

You should do one with the forums too.

I think this one was done with the forums, i'm not in the Instructables list.

Well you did not make the list. It is as simple as that.

darn, i am not in there.

thats not me, thats a pic from the launch it contest, but it says josh. i forget who that is but its not me.

Oh yeah, that's kruser(numbershere). Forgot. What happened to him anyways? I haven't seen him on in a while..

i don't know, i haven't seen him recently.maybe he is just taking a break.

hopefully he didnt hurt himself with his thermite or rail gun.

WOOTNESS! I see my pic : )

I see ... I guess I'm just not cool enough to be in the robot mosaic. All my sweat, blood, and tears to earn position #26, and I don't even get to be in the image.

Sorry, the computer makes the choices. not me. I will make a better one sometime. :)

So was I fed into the program, and the program decided that my icon was not suitable to add to the robot?

Yeah. I click every users name on the list them manually saved there picture. Then the computer made the choices from there. I will make one that just changes the color tone of each picture to make it fit correctly I think.

Yay! I can see my tiny little head a few times. :)

do you have a list of who is in there?


10 years ago

Awesome! I don't think I'm in there, though.

Well, the program uses images that work for the mosaic and if your does not really fit the colors i guess.

Awesome! I don't see myself though... :P That's because I'm not in the top 50. :P

Yeah, I added you because you are in my personal top 50 :) Wow that was corny.

Gee, thanks, I just joined very late last year and may have had only a comment or two but I appear in a few spots. It must be quality over quantity?

Well, you and gorillaz were not on the list but I added you anyway.

Well I added him, maybe the program did not use him. Idk.

hahaha cool im on it a bunch of times! now im happy. i ned to start being on instructables more i havent been on to much lately.

I can't find myself. This is hard.

You might not be in it. It seems he just went through and told the program that it could use the images, but it used some more than once, and others not at all. (At least, thats what my program does)

Dang. *cries* It also might be that EthanGibson no longer exists.

I see me. And me. And me!