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Top Secret Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Big Name Fashion Shoot Answered

Last week I was away from Instructables HQ to work on a catalog shoot for a Major Fashion Line.
I work periodically as their tailor, altering the clothes to perfectly fit the models.
(That's why they never look the same when you wear them!)

I'm not really authorized to go into detail about the company or the shoot (since it's for their upcoming Fall Catalog), but I thought it would be interesting to share a few quirky details, and some photos I surreptitiously shot with my phone.

As previously stated, all of the clothes are altered to fit the models. Sometimes this means taking things almost entirely apart and putting them back together in a smaller (or bigger!) size.
Also we do things like sew pockets shut so they won't disrupt the line of the garment.

Did I mention we do all of this work out of a motor home?

If the clothes still look weird when the model's in a certain position, they'll use big binder clips to secretly adjust the clothes to look right.

And all of the clothes have big slashes in the them or are stamped with the word SAMPLE so no one will want to try and steal them. All of this stuff is corrected on computers before the pictures go out.

We call it "fixing in post." I'm a big fan of "fixing in post."

Here's something I definitely shouldn't tell you.
On the first two days of shooting, it was raining like all get out. We waited and waited for it to let up to get our outside shots, but it just didn't!
So everyone braved up and we assembled the whole crew under tents and umbrellas and shot in the rain. The pictures looked gorgeous!

But as a result of this, the rest of the week had to be shot as "rain shots." Of course, for the next week it was sunny and warm. So they hired someone to come and make it look like it was raining!

Doing these shoots is a lot of fun. I love going on location and having to deal with whatever elements arise. (There are usually a lot of police involved for various reasons too. . . )

Hope you've enjoyed this top secret behind-the-scenes look!



9 years ago

We call it "fixing in post." I'm a big fan of "fixing in post."

For the first "serious" (ie amateurs with ideas above their status) film I was involved in, a wall and a door on our borrowed set (someone's house) got repainted mid way through shooting, we couldn't fix it IRL so got our resident technical wizard to fix the colours frame-by-frame in post. The guy is a life saver, and not the minty kind.

I had always assumed that rain shots would always be set up because you get more control over rain density, direction, temperature :P

Sew the pockets shut? Overkill.....

Sewing the garments to the models would be overkill! If you've ever purchased a really nice suit or pair of slacks, you'll often find the front pockets sewn shut. You're supposed to look good, not carry around stuff like a squirrel with his cheeks packed :D

I generally snip the threads, I always carry around stuff like a squirrel with his cheeks packed.

Exactly. In this case, we cut away the extra pocket fabric so it won't show a bulge or weird lines when the models are sitting down.

Amazing. I didn't think that it was that complicated. I guess all of my "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" watching skewed my perception.

Suspicions about big name fashion shoots confirmed - thanks! L