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Top iPhone Instructables Answered

Apple has released the new iPhone--and there are Instructables to make it better. Check out these iPhone-related Instructables, some of our favorites, that can make your iPhone better prepared for everyday use.

Retractable Headphones
Headphones are always getting tangled up in knots, but these recoiling headphones will keep the wires conveniently curled up and ready to use.

Business Card Stand
Using just a business card, you can make this simple stand on which you can watch movies or just let your iPhone rest.

Handgun Handset
By talking into the grip, listening through the barrel, and starting and finishing your calls with a pull of the trigger of this modified airsoft gun, your iPhone calls will never be the same again. If you get trigger-happy, though, you might end up with a bunch of dropped calls.

Book Safe
As long as you don't choose a piece of classic literature, you can safely conceal your iPhone inside of a book with this design.

Car Stand
You don't want to be talking on your phone while you're driving, but this car stand will keep the iPhone in a convenient position for music and other purposes during car trips.

One-Hand Use
A simple loop attached to the back of the iPhone can make one-handed iPhone-ing simple and secure.

And these are just a few--there are plenty more great iPhone Instructables to use!


n95 8gb is the best. iphone is lame is iphone can browse flash objects in its browser it is not capable with javascript

If someone made an external keyboard for it they would be a millionaire.

Uhhhh.... I think that they have... I'm not sure about this, but assuming the iPhone has bluetooth (don't own one, never even touched one) then you should be able to connect it to say.... a bluetooth keyboard! (own one, Apple nonetheless...) It's just a wild and random guess, but I'd give it a shot.

nah ah. ain't happening. if u owned an iPhone then u would kw wat im speaking about. long story short? the bluetooth. is. HORRIBLE. Atrocius! i dont kw why apple even bothered with the bluetooth! mine doesnt do nil. maybe cuz its hacked? i dunno. but it was a pretty good shot:-D. cheers!

Yeah afaik the only thing supported by the supposed bluetooth is headsets. I've jailbroken mine and had app and cydia and there is no app that will make that happen so it's a very limited bluetooth profile. From what I've heard it's more than capable hardware wise to have full bluetooth but that it's restricted by the firmware, doubt the sdk has the scope to affect that if it wasn't included in the first place. Apple probably doesn't want the iphone to replace a laptop in any sort of business function that hasn't been tackled by a smartphone yet since their laptops are pretty much #1.

About the keyboard part, why would you want one? I don't actually have an iphone but I have an ipod touch and its pretty easy to type on, better than my normal phone.

It is definitely better than a normal phone and is definitely sufficient for sms. With a keyboard you could write a term paper on the thing or take notes and you could type without covering half of the screen. I mean it's not a necessity but it would definitely up the function a lot.

I came up with an idea for an awesome iPhone/Touch dock. A really small version of an iMac G5, a hollow plastic shell with a dock connector in it that you slide the iPhone into the side of, so it looks just like a little iMac, and it can be used for viewing video etc... It could charge it as well, if you install the charger in it. Anyone up to the challenge?

I have seen a better one but i cant find it

I like that idea. Maybe if I have time/resources I'll do it with my zen

I totally love the handgun one :D