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Top of page: layout gone awry Answered

Using my work laptop, IE9.0 in Windows, the layout of the top of the page gets messed up - menus drop down, search box disappears.  See screen grab for typical example.

(Special offer: extra bug for free - the image notes I added disappeared when I hit preview.)


Make sure you don't have any script-blocking add-ons (like Ad-Blocker), then clear your cache and cookies, then refresh the page.

No add-blocker on the work lap-top, I'll try the clearance tomorrow.

Hi! I'm glad to see someone else posted about the top of the page. I'm using IE 9.0.8112.etc and I've noticed that the left side of the page has no margin when I'm looking at an 'ible. The margin is on THIS (the contact) page, but not on the 'ibles. Secondly, after I'd logged in to download the .pdf file of the DIY-duino 'ible, all it ever did was reload the same page.
Last (this could just be lazy me.....) whenever I'm looking at an instructable and decide it's something to have a hard copy of, and login to be able to get the pdf, the login page always boots me out to another page ('ible equivalent of 'You Are Here') and then I have to do a search to find what I'd been looking at before. Is there a way that the login page could return you to where you came from? This happens most often when I click on a link from the weekly email.

Love Instructables! I'm always telling other people about the site.

I've been having the same problem. I hope it gets fixed soon.