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Top soil needed FREE if possible Answered

I am in need of top soil with no clay as it would be used for an allotment in my back garden I will come and collect if not to far from Tiverton Devon. if you want some top soil taken away give me an E-Mail dazzer730@googlemail.com


Have you checked craigslist? Newsagent windows? Small-ads in the local and/or free papers?

(Oh, and it's not massively clever to post your email address as plain text - you should edit it out and ask for PMs, or if you want emails from non-members, create a jpeg of your email address and add it to the topic - people will be able to read it, but most robots won't.)

I've always thought this, but Cory Doctorow disagrees. Not that that is final, of course, but I ran across that and found it interesting.

Meh, every little helps.

(And CD didn't mention using your email as an image of the text, did he?)