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Digital crossover..? Answered

Well people, since no one want's to help me 'Build' a hardware crossover, perhaps someone on here might know of how I could use one of my spare laptops and feed my input signal to my amp into the mic port and equalize it/cut off the high freq's and send it back out the headphone jack. Surely there's some kind of program that would give me control over the output signal like giving it a sharp cutoff at 60hz or something like that. I'm tired of trying to figure out what to do with these laptops laying around, so that's why I'm asking would it be possible to turn my dell (2ghz 512mb of ram, simple audio card) into a digital crossover with even a visual output would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?!?? Thanks!


Delay you have to go from A to D process it and go from D to A, what are you trying to build, is it just a sub crossover ?? they are very simple to make.. What Frequency are you looking at and how sharp of a roll off do you want ?? And did you ever find out the voltage of that amp ??

I was looking to build just a sub crossover yeah. But I got this stupid dell laptop sitting here so I thought maybe I could just through some kind of EQ on it. I'm looking at some kind of adjustable freq from 30hz to 60hz, but at least 35hz or something like that. My sub is built more for the rumble so that's what I want it to do. I want a sharp enough rolloff that I can't hear voices and higher bass hits, but the part that makes the song rumble. And no, I found the brown spot on the bottom of the pcb and decided it wasn't worth it to fix it.