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Toronto, San Francisco - Where to buy? Answered

I live in Croatia and my friend is going now to either to San Francisco, USA or to Toronto, Canada.My question is where in these towns he can buy electronics, robot parts, MAKE and LadyAda kits... etc.? And where is in these towns sparkfun store or dealer?


Id imagine sparkfun and all the big chains are in america ! plus you have radioshack and other places

So San Francisco .  (plus you could always go bug the instructables staff for parts !

You could save a bunch on shipping by arranging to mail your purchases to somewhere your friend will definitely be at some point.

Just for population density and size I'd say go with America - if you have a choice go straight to Hong Kong :S

Is it too expensive to ship items from usa/canada/china to Croatia?  I don't know of any robot parts store fronts in either; but I've only visited both briefly.