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Torrent on PSP? Answered

I hate having my computer on for no reason, but to finish downloading *freeware* using uTorrent
does any one know if i can download the files using uTorrent on psp?

Thanks! I look forward to reading your replies!


Thanks, too bad my psp screen broke 3 days ago, : (

PSP has wirelessB, it'd be super slow, but yes, I am wondering the same question

Really? Is it that slow? i think internet is slow on psp because it has to process the web page, reduce size, and display it i've downloaded a couple things, its as fast as regular internet

huh, well I'm pretty sure it has wirelessB I'm learning how to download torrents directly on my ipod right now ;)

Wait, ipods don't have internet access you mean Ifone?

iPod touches /do/ have internet through wi-fi. In fact, I think they're wireless is faster than the psp's (

i know Ipod touches have wifi built in, i thought he was talking about a nano or something

Know, well he wasn't apparently. He said iPod. Maybe he has the touch.

I don't have any Apple products, so i don't know maybe there's an adapter or something

Wireless B is usually faster then most high speed internet connections (( unless your lucky and you have fiber )) and with all the nasty things ISP's are doing to torrent downloading, be it throttling the speed or sending false resets, 802.11B will be way faster then you can download a torrent file....... And have you tried getting it from a file sharing site, it might be faster then using a torrent right now ??

i have an ipod touch i think he means the real file, not the tiny torrent file

Oh sorry I though you where talking about the full out download and not a small 8Kb torrent, but you wouldn't need to leave a computer on all the time to download a few K even on dial-up.......

i want to doneload 1gb files, and i need a program that runs off psp

what do you mean? Get a program (for psp) from a torrent website? or what?