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Tortise care? Answered

Hi I am thinking  about getting a russian horsfield tortise and was wondering if anybody knew about them

               Holly 124


Hi Holly,  You've done the right thing in asking about how to care for a pet BEFORE you buy it. You hear stories of people buying a pet on the spur of the moment and then find out it's totally unsuitable for them, usually by the pet getting ill, or worse.

There's a wealth of information in the internet, including a couple of useful looking caresheets HERE and HERE and Russian tortoises even have their own website HERE. These should help you decide whether it's the right pet for you.  The caresheets say that it can live happily outside, but if you're living in a part of the world which gets extremely hot or cold you should take that into consideration.
Apart form the temperature and housing requirements, it's vital that you read the poisonous foods list and also make sure they get any mineral or vitamin supplements they need to stay healthy.

Thanks I read about Horfields being Russian I though they would be great for the uk

I didn't realise you were in the UK - They should be fine here most of the year, but you'd need to read up on hibernating them for the winter.
Do 'Blue Peter' still have a tortoise? It used to be an annual ritual on the programme putting Fred (who later they discovered should be called Freda) into his hibernation box.

Well i have read that you shouldent hibernate a tortoise here in the uk it frezes their cornea.Blue Peter have a new tortoise called Shelly.

I didn't know that.  (Neither did Blue Peter at the time - I'm talking about a fair few years ago.)  See, you already know more about tortoises than I do.  Keep Googling #;¬)

A 5 second google search should provide more than enough info