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Toshiba C55t-A5218 Answered

I have the Toshiba Satellite C55t-A5218. I couldn't get windows to come up, but later did. However when the laptop was doing a restart, it died and now it wont power up at all (with adapter or battery. Any suggestions. The adapter is producing 19 volts. I have also completed an ohm test on the power adapter cable in the laptop, all is well there. It wont power up with the battery plugged in. But I am uncertain if the battery is charged. Also I removed the memory to see if it was corrupt, nothing so far. 

My email is oteydarren1@gmail.com



3 years ago

I found out the solution. I replaced the power adapter, the OS performed a factory reset (on its own) and now it is working great.


4 years ago

With some notebooks if the battery goes bad they will not even run on power adapters. You can try taking the battery out and then see if it will run on just the power. It is possible that it might. But from your description it sounds like you need a new battery. You can get them pretty reasonable on E Bay. THe Chinese manufactures that make them for computer companies sell the unbranded ones for a fraction of the price.


Answer 4 years ago

Thank you for your answer. I now have more info on this. When the battery is attached i press the power button and the power light blinks 5 times and stops. If i remove the battery and plug in the adapter, this does not happen. If both are connected it does it. I will try a new battery and give you the results.