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Toshiba has stopped making incandescent bulbs after 120 years Answered

Lighting has taken another step towards energy efficiency as Toshiba stopped making incandescent bulbs yesterday. It will now be focusing more on other lighting such as LEDs.

This is all great news as incandescents wasted a lot of energy as heat instead of lighting. Now with a greater focus on the energy-efficient options we can expect to see quality and efficiency improve as prices come down.

Lights out on Incandescent Bulb Production at Toshiba via inhabitat

http://www.flickr.com/photos/laszlo-photo/ / CC BY 2.0



8 years ago

The incandescent light may be wasteful, but it has a warmth that LEDs cannot match (with high efficiency, anyway).  And I cannot stand CFLs for their flicker or buzz; considering how often our lights go on and off, CFLs would scarcely last a week with us.

I didn't know that they ever did...