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Total Views Count (updated) Answered

A while back I wrote a Perl script which would go through a user's ibles and tot up the total views all of their instructables have.

I just created a group called Total Views Count. On the 1st and 15th of every month I'll be running the script on anyone that's a member of the group and posting the results. Should make for some interesting stats!

Oh and there're patches too! Awesome ones drawn by Caitlinsdad. I'll be giving them out when members of the group hit the 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 1m and 2m views boundaries.

So go join!


Joined. Great idea, Jayefuu.


...Is that NachoMama in the back seat I see?

Yup! He looks a little concerned that Kiteman is driving.

On the left side of the car? Great Scot!

I thought Kiteman was the Great Pelican, or was that the Big Stork...something like that...

Your poor memory must be an albatross around your neck...

Am I right? I am always right. Do you want proof? I can cite more obscure citations than you. It's also on page 1524 of the McMaster-Carr catalogue. Hey, why do you blokes drive on the wrong side of the road? Not to get off-topic, where did this camel come from?


Well it appears Kelsey used his physics skills to teleport across to Kiteman in the UK. They're near Kiteman's home in Anglia, in Kiteman's car, Womble which is covered in yellow camel slime (the interior is green see). They're going to Norfolk's annual camel race.


I'm pretty sure that's not my slime, but yes!  We're going racing!

Now he's on the right side!

And honestly, is the camel in the car, or behind the car?
I think I get it; it's hanging out the window!

Who cares where the camel came from?

More to the point, I've just had to explain myself to my head teacher, who just walked past my office to find me chuckling madly about that picture!

Nah, Kiteman's just a passenger.  Isn't he sitting shotgun?

Well... Cdad drew it and Americans drive on the right don't they? With a driver on the left of the car. If it were in England though he'd be passenger.

:-)  Yeah, but if Kiteman's in the car, then it must be on the right side of the Atlantic.  Besides, at those prices, I think Robot's pumping litres of petrol :-D

Excellent idea - I'm in!

I'm going to need a 1m views patch then aren't I...

Not quite yet...

(I think - I ran out of fingers.)

(You're approaching 1.5m)

Are you serious?  Kiteman's got 10k view on each of his hundred I'bles?!?  That goes beyond amazing.  I think Eric owes Kiteman some bucks for maintaining the eyeballs-on-ads count!

Yup! If he owes Kiteman money he owes Christy twice as much!

Wow, that's quite a feat!

Is that a camel I see in the patch? ...Thanks!

Ahhhhh clever Cdad! I hadn't linked it to you :) Wonder who'll be in the 2m and 3m patches if he makes one. :D

They'll be a rare commodity if he does!


So if I'm over 100K, does that mean I get the 50K and the 100K patches like Volvo drivers get?

 Don't be hatin'! The family Plymouth mini van is pushing 300 grand

I read an article in an AARP magazine one time about a car with over 1.75 million miles on it.

Yay it's the 15th! Going to run the script in the morning.

I don't think Plymouth gives out medals when you hit 50K, 100K, 250K, etc. markers.  The grill on my mom's Volvo is littered with them.

 Volvo seriously gives out medals? That is pretty cool.



Hmmm. I might run out of patches if I do that. And spend a few hours giving them out...

What do people think? :)

Joined.....hope I break 1k soon  ;-)

I'm in.

I should get the "50K" patch already, since my lego guide has over 50,000 views.

You'll just have to wait the three days...

Sure, I can wait, I mean a patch isn't "ZOMG MUST HAVE OR I DIE" or anything like that.

 >kind of is glad he let himself calm down before posting ZOMG GIMME PATCH!!!!


8 years ago

Awesome idea!  I'm in. ;)

Great! But you could query the database any time you felt like it! Lucky sod. (Tease Eric, you're beating him on total views by quite a margin) ;)

Joined up and rather interested to see mine, because a few of the more popular 'ibles had random bursts of life lately...