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Tote lid alternative - Does anyone have a quick and easy answer to missing lids to storage totes? Answered

I am always picking up storage totes from auctions, etc. and invariably, they are missing the lid. Has anyone a quick and easy answer to making your own replacement lid or other creative ideas?

I had considered 2 sheets of plywood, 1 cut to fit the inside of the tote and the other slightly larger, but that is more involved than I wanted to get into at this time. (It's not that I'm lazy, per se, it's just that winter is quickly approaching and time is of the essence.) The larger tote over the small tote idea is so simple, yet brilliant.

I would still love to hear other ideas - how about something meant for another purpose that can be picked up cheaply and in bulk.


1) Use a big tote as a lid by turning it upside down and covering one or   
     several smaller totes.

2 )Since you get totes often, consider sacrificing a few. For example, cut the
     bottom or side out of a big tote to make a lid for a smaller tote.

I'd just cut an appropriate-sized piece of particle board or thin plywood.


8 years ago

Cut the sides out of a  corrugated cardboard box with unfoldedsides large enough cover the top. Use white glue to glue several layersof the cardboard together with the corrugations of each pieceperpendicular to the previous layer. After it dries, cut it down to theappropriate size and shape with a utility knife. Then you can cover itwith contact shelf paper or paint it if you want.

That was going to be my answer.