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Touch Switches< Need electrical Help! Answered

Hey there tech heads,

I'm planning a project that will involve LED's (battery powered or wall powered, haven't decided) in a lamp set up. There won't be a lot of led's, maybe 4-6. The real question is I want to put a touch switch in, like this one...
Is there an alternative? maybe something that is smaller? Will I have to get a transformer and just run wall power to the leds? Lend me a hand, cause this will be a great instructable down the road.


I have a sketch about something similar, but is more like a pusher for security systems

. Try Googling "touch switch +schematic" . I don't think the switch you linked to is what you want. It is a "3-way" switch (vaguely similar to a SPDT except both outputs can be on at the same time) and all you need is a simple on-off (SPST). It will work, but it's more than required and you'll end up with an off-off-on-on arrangement (just like putting a regular bulb in a 3-way lamp).