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Towel Day Answered

Hey everybody,

I just found out that May 25th is Towel Day.  Is anyone out there celebrating the life & work of Douglas Adams today?



SSounds cool, but why?


Why celebrate or why ask if anyone is doing anything special?

I am not sure why you have never encountered it before, but now you know and can celebrate or participate. This was the first time I had heard of it, but it was created after I moved to Redneckville. Opening Day of Deer Season and Elvis's Birthday get a lot of press here.

Towel Day is bigger in the UK than in the USA, so I am kind of suprised it passed you by. Maybe you were buried under a pile of end-of-term exams to grade the other years?

There's no time left to organize a towel drive for the local shelter (human or animal) so this year it's pan-galactic gargle-blasters as an aperitif and reminding my grown son that we almost gave him Zaphod as a middle name. His uncle called him Zaphod until he was 4 or 5.

Okay, where do I start...

Towel Day, or Opening Day of deer season in Redneckville and the press on Elvis's Birthday. ;-)

Oh, it's all good.

The DFW metroplex population is large enough that there are groups of people interested in just about anything, if you can find them and it's not to hot to go out.

There is a high rate of absenteeism on Opening Day; venison fever is the medical term.

We gave my son big mud truck tires for Christmas, so that might make me a redneck (or just a good mom).

They still have the Rock-N-Roll 5K fun run here on Elvis's birthday, but they stopped encouraging runners to dress in Elvis-themed costumes a few years ago. Bummer. I had planned to make a giant peanut butter and banana sandwich costume someday.

You should really make the Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich costume and post an Instructable on it! I'd bet it would get featured and get a lot of attention (so keep it in mind for any upcoming contests)...

BTW, I just liked how you phrased your earlier comments. We have our own "rednecks" here, and the men in my family get far too excited when hunting season rolls around. Although we don't celebrate Elvis's birthday, there are plenty of fans here. (Plus we've been known to go mud-bogging, just for fun, so guilty as charged). ;-)


6 years ago

I spent yesterday re-reading the guide, using my towel as a pillow. One more use to add to the list of reasons to have a towel on your person at all times.


I knew it was happening soon - I can never remember what day it is.

I have yet to see anyone with a towel. Makes me sad. :P When I lived in Louisville I always saw lots of people! Maybe because I worked in a bookstore.

I have to work.....

I think you are right about the bookstore clientele being more likely to know about Douglas Adams. The funny thing is, a lot of people who use the babelfish translator online are probably unaware of where the name came from.

I carry a towel into the hardware store when I shop. It is for my dog to sit on in the shopping cart, but I always think of Hitchhikers Guide. The dog never gets the jokes I crack as we are getting out of the car.

Dog: "What's wrong with Vogon poetry?"