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Toy that plays tune Answered

Hey, guys. Didn't know where to post, so thought this might be as good a place as any...
Anyways, I would like to make a doll for a friend's birthday and for it to be one of those that you press something and it plays a tune. Does anybody have an instructable like that? (Searched a bit, didn't know which keywords to use) If not, any ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!


Some craft stores sell these little button devices with music preprogrammed on them and play things like Happy Birthday or maybe holiday music snippets. Maybe look up doll-making supplies.

If you wanted the DIY hack, maybe take apart one of those musical greeting cards and embed the device, hack an Easy Button, or look up those sound chips that you program yourself.  Get one of those as-seenon-TV My Little Reminder sound recorder devices. I'm not sure you really want to embed an arduino or more complex sound synthesizer.  Good luck.

"...take apart one of those musical greeting cards..."
They make cards that are actually recorders and you can record what e're you like on them (up to the 6-20 second limit of course). One might want to replace the tinny sounding speaker with a small amp circuit, and a better, yet still small speaker.

In the UK, there are shops that call themselves things like "teddy bear factory".

You buy an empty skin, stuff it as hard or soft as you like, and they sew it up for you.

You can also choose to add devices that make animal sounds, play tunes, or in which you can record your own message.