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Trademark Gear Answered

Just think it's about time I make another forum topic. So yeah, do you guys have a trademark gear? Something that you wear all the time? Something that some friends even use to characterize or define you? (e.g. oh John? He's the guy with the headphones). My trademark gear are these MDISK MD-66 headphones. I wear them all the time and some of my newer friends doesn't even recognize me without these on because I wear them not only to hear music but so I can wear my hair differently. So, what's your trademark gear? Armbands, headphones, custom garskin-embed iPod, you name it!


I'm always the guy wearing overalls or suspenders.  I'm usually the guy with the "gun-bulge" under my jacket.

Does my hair, and pants count?

Hair no, pants... ummm well that kinda depends on the pants.

I only wear pants. Even on the hottest days of Summer. I don't know if that counts or not though.

i have managed to go years on end without wearing a single long-sleeved shirt,i hate the stupid things!

My hat, I wear it everywhere..


Nice. Ditch that red part and your hat looks pretty dang pimped.

Its a cardinal feather dude, it makes it awesome. I also have a cool pin in it now too.

I wish I had a baseball cap with a picture of a middle finger on it right now.... Know where I can get one? The reason why is because I read a book, and it was funny how one of the characters wore that same hat.

Dunno, you live in God knows where (Louisiana if I'm not mistaken?), I live in Indonesia. But there is this store on my local mall that sells signs that says: "Better blow job than no job". Me, my best friend and my girlfriend bought one and superglued it onto the front door of my school's principal's office.

OMG that's epic win! I do live in Louisiana.

I know right? And yay I'm correct.

Intrawebz. Maybe a custom tshirt website?

It doesn't 'say' anything, I'll have to post a pic of it later.

Nice, although I do suggest that you shouldn't place the pin that close to the feather.

I think it looks ok there, why do you think it shouldn't be so close? Just wearing the hat screws the feather fibers up a little.

Eh, it just doesn't seem right to me, but whatever floats your boat.

Thanks! If I ever go pro, you'll definitely be on my "Give This Dude a Patch" list =)

No prob. Here's the full list: -DJ Radio -lemonie -Goodhart -bkreed -ewilhelm -Nova Hawk -Mr. McCoy -barrax

my 84 lumber cap my grandpa gave me (he has thousands of the things he used to work for 84 lumber)

That 1up shirt as seen in my AR-4 v3 video got me the attention of one of the new cheerleaders at the school. She thought it was really cool.

That's cool. Like two girls have told me my robot shirt was cool.

There are a bunch of people at school that are like "OMG ROBOT" when I wear my robot shirt.

It was the end of school, and I had to leave right after that. I will try on Monday.

AAUGH, I couldn't talk to her, she was busy talking on her cell phone the whole time.

~~Grab the cell phone, snap it, hurl it to the ground, then proceed to make sweet love to her...~~ Don't be too clingy or nothing, just let your wheels of coolness roll like a rolling stone.

Screw your jeans, YOU HAVE A HEDGEHOG?!?!?!?

Sir Nova, I worship thee.

Awwww.... he's so cute! What's his name? If he doesn't have a name, may I suggest something a little Kazakh? Like, Borat perhaps?

Danny seems like the perfect name for a hedgehog :) I think I once decided that if I ever get a hedgehog I would name it Jonathan.