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Trading Legos for Knex!! Answered

Do you have knex that are unwanted? Do you want legoes, and have a lot of knex? Are you willing to trade equal amounts of legoes for knex? 1:1 Knex to legos. You send Knex, I send Legos.


I want to do the same thing! I have bunch of legos.

I have a lot of Lego and no Knex. Worth asking, the Techinic stuff is a lot better than Knex in a lot of applications, but I think Knex has it on large structures. L

Well, I dont really want technic, they dont have the rigidness or compatibility with other objects. I want knex as the connectors have 2 flat sides, great for guns :) -PKT

Yes and Knex would be bettor for guns too I guess. I make guns with chemical propellant (when I do). L