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Tragedy at NIU Answered

as you may know, there has been a shooting at NIU, which is a hour drive from my house. what kind of sick people would do that? the bad part is, is that my brother is applying there. 18 people injured a two killed. why is this the new craze all of a sudden?



I've heard that at the TV news few hours ago. It's happen almost once a year ...


10 years ago

This one hits close to home, emotionally. Two of my favorite people, my best friend and his wife are in post-graduate programs at NIU. Neither were on campus at the time; both are fine. Although statistically unusual, these events are awful, tragic, horrifying, sad. Understatement of the day.


10 years ago

Muckers. (Read John Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar.") Your brother should be in great shape. There's never been a school that's had TWO shooting rampages in 5 years. Yet. :-( On the bright side, the number of deaths due to Domestic Violence were down to 4 this year in Santa Clara County, the lowest since they started keeping count in 1994.

The type of people are the sick (censored) up people that shouldn't be on this earth. This is a new craze all of the sudden, well, who knows. It could be because of all the media (sex drugs and violence), or it could be the parents (aka, the previous generation), or it could just be the air. No one knows why, I think it is psychological.

*moment of silence*

Yea it really is a shame that incidents like this have to happen. Brings back memories of the Virginia Tech shooting. It is terrible. Currently 6 dead including the shooter.

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