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Trailer (from old truck) Differential can Seize? Answered

Do i recall correctly? Can the wheels seize up because of an issue with the differential?



3 years ago

I used to do warranty new car work and have repaired/rebuilt more than one. The differential is lubricated by a "sling it around" system. The ring gear will sling oil from the bottom of the housing into the pinion housing, out to the inner axle bearings. Every part depends upon another part, and it all depends upon a driveshaft turning the pinion which turns the ring gear. The other issue is a trailer built like this is seldom maintained and the oil can leak out, which would cause the bearings to seize.


3 years ago

If there is a differencial between the axle pieces then yes.

If not in use for a few years and badly serviced the can rust stuck in place.
Best to both the wheel bearings and the differencial.
You should be able to see signs of problems when letting the oil out.
After that you can check through the filler and drain holes for signs of damage, an insection cam is handy here.
But being a trailer it might be easier to take the entire axle out for a proper inspection.