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Transformer Apartment Answered

This guy's 330 sq. ft. apartment transforms into about 24 different rooms thanks to a custom designed track system. I wish I had something like this when I lived in New York City.


This is rather neat.  I have seen similar uses for this kind of thing for records storage.....we had (where I worked) a set of 5-6 walls that slid on tracks that contained ceiling high shelves for medical/insurance records.   Some doctor offices still use these.....but what a unique application :-)

Compact-shelving. It's similar, and a lot of places use the things for storage. I've got a few racks - they're hard to shift sometimes...



8 years ago

 Ah, i had an idea like this, but it was more of a 10x10 area, like a tiny cabin. I have to start designing some of this stuff...

When i get a dorm at uni i will try something like this. anything to maximise space

 This is so wonderful and amazing.... my studio is 600 square feet, I thought it was too small to do anything wonderful with but this really opens up possibilities. And I love the mirrors on the ceiling to bring in more light.

 Well it wasn't my first thought but the light idea gave it credibility - I had this whole conversation going in my head to my mom " see mom,  the mirrors give the studio so much more light..."

 Interesting ideas.  My college library had moving book shelves like that.  You could get crushed if someone pushed on the racks and did not know you were there.  And if you put some more power into the springs on the murphy wall bed...


8 years ago

Absolutely brilliant.

When I read the title I actually thought this was about some kids bedroom that was changed in a transformer style bedroom :p

But this is quite ingenious.But you need some serious planning and construction skills if you want to pull this off yourself...

I coulda sworn I saw a topic about the same video a few days ago... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do get a deja vu feeling.