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Transistors, connecting them in paralell. Will they act as one transistor to use them for higher amp? Answered

I want to build a PWM but am having trouble finding transistors powerful enough. Will they act as one if I connect them in paralell?



8 years ago

i asked may electronics professor , and he said that you can connect as many as you want, but on emitter side put some small resistor e.g. 1 ohm in front of every transistor so the same current flows trought each transistor

Thanks .. that's good to know.


9 years ago

UziMonkey is talking about a stronger array,but for higher power (W) you can connect them in parallel but you need to put low resistance and high power resistors on the collectors to distribute the power.

the load wont be ballanced across both transistors and one will take most of the load. you could try http://digikey.com they should have something strong enough for what you need.