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Transition to a Post-Industrial World Answered

Our friends at the CIRCUS Foundation would like your help, in the form of a few paragraphs speculating on our post-industrial future.

You're obviously the perfect people to weigh in on this topic - Instructables is full of green, reusable, energy-saving, upcycling projects, so you're definitely in the headspace - so what do you think the future will look like? Share your ideas in 500 words or less.

From the original post:

Bridges to the Post Industrial Planet

Our future well-being requires that in twenty years' time we should be living in a manner that differs markedly from the way we've lived in the past century and a half. It seems likely we'll consume less energy, use physical resources more sparingly, moderate the waste we generate, make fewer long journeys, rely more on local produce, repair things we'd currently replace, share objects we might currently own. Other implications are less obvious but potentially significant. Will be the role of corporations change? How will our societies be governed? What civil liberties can we expect?

The better we're able to imagine a post industrial world, the better we can identify the barriers to getting there and prepare bridges to get over them.


We're inviting people to write a few paragraphs, no more than 500 words, outlining the greatest difficulty you think we face in making the transition to a post industrial world. This might be a technological issue, a cultural barrier, an economic factor or something else. If you have ideas about how the barrier could be overcome go ahead and outline them too.

Send your submission to open@CIRCUS-foundation.org along with a couple of lines about who you are. The results will be compiled in a book that will be published free on the web and form the basis of a seminar to be held in London later in 2008.


If we do not soon began a mass education on the subject OF our environment, we will soon become part of that environment......as sod.

What invention? In a world of glowy things and shocking stuff? jk

Errm, no, I'm sorry, I cannot tell you my idea, someone will steal my idea...


9 years ago

smart people: being people who contribute to instrutables and things of a like nature that make the world better place, one idea at a time.

. I suppose Energy/GW has a slight lead, but in 20 years time, the problem will have resolved itself. We will either move toward non-Carbon energy (quickly) or climate change will wipe out enough C/HC consumers to reduce demand. (The amount and rate of increase of CO2 finally convinced me GW is not a natural cycle.)
. Population is another contender for the top problem. It is fueling (pun intended) the demand for energy and other limited resources.

i like the robot btw

lol i would do this but i know i would just end up ranting about a certain countries sick obsession with war and oil.
Less power consumption = less oil demand = less gov profit = less military funding = less Power

There will never be a Post-Industrial World, however much there needs to be


9 years ago

Cool! I'll get to work, as soon as I get all this school work out of my way. Aargh!