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Translate your instructables to Spanish! Answered

Hi I am new to instructables, and while I currently do not have a instructable posted (maybe soon) I noticed there are not many instructables in Spanish. I think i saw maybe one at best.

There are many Spanish speaking people who do not speak English in the United States (and indeed the world over) who could benefit greatly from the wealth of information provided by this wonderful website.

I speak and write fluent English and Spanish. (I also speak Swedish but I am not very good at writing it.)

To get the ball rolling I am offering  translation of any instructable on this site. Just send me a message and I will start doing what I do.

By translating your post you will be appealing to a much wider audience, and probably get more votes! Who doesn't want that?


1st : I think this is a real great post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

2nd : do you offering translation to arabic too?

Nice initiative, and I will glad to help too! I'm Colombian, so I'm a spanish native speaker and good with writting. I have a good level in english writting too.

- Buena iniciativa, ¡y estaría encantado de ayudar también! Soy Colombiano, así que soy un hablante nativo de español y bueno con la escritura. Tengo también un buen nivel en la escritura en inglés.

Hola,como traducir PDF al español...Gracias

Another good way could be than Instructables open a spanish office (maybe in Barcelona, near the beach aand terraza's bar) and employee some people (like me who live in Barcelona already) to translate all the instructables (news and olds)... in one new web maybe called "es.instructables.com"... ;)

Having Instructables sites for different languages is a nice idea. I'd like to see that happen!

I'm also interested on open an instructables office in spain!!! (www.intructabl.es may be also a good option :) ) Another good option would be instructables europe, to enter the contests with prices (actually only for USA and Commonwealth :( )

Although Spanish is my first language I prefer to publish my 'ibles in English to reach a broader audience. Also if the administrators of Instructables create an option to translate the pages in Spanish and French, other people would insist in having their language represented. I believe that having another version of the site in a different language other than English is the way to go. Like a Spanish version of Instructables, a French version, a Chinese version, a Hindi version, etc.

I have a favour to ask please. I sponsor a little boy in Mexico through World Vision. I would love to be able to send him a short note written in Spanish. Would anyone be willing to help me?
Thanks for reading

I can give it a shot if you stay fairly simple - what would you like to say?

On second thought - I forgot, there are folks like rimar on here! I'd pm him. :D

I'd like to see the Instructables site incorporate "Google Translate" (just as it does "Google Search"), such that registered members could choose to view an Instructable in any language, as translated by Google Translate. Currently you can paste an Instructable URL into Google Translate, but can't download a translated PDF.

Гугл переводчик не пашет((

or people could google translate the pages...

This sounds good. I removed two of your other identical forum topics, you'll get a better response from just one, since it won't look like spam.

So if I wanted an Instructable translated what would you like me to do? Start a new one, add all the photos to each step then add you as a collaborator so you can edit in the Spanish? I think I'd rather have a spanish ible and an english ible than one with both in.


It would be nice if there was a tag in the bbcode editor of the rich editor that let you have an expandable section. eg... a link that says "Espanol" or "Francais" and any ibles that had it in you could click it to expand it out to read it.

That would be really nice, I've seen blogs translate my ibles into other languages, which I think is great, but I would rather have it all on one page. I think the alternating style is blowing the text up to much (though I really like the Spanish ones, because they help me to learn special vocabulary). Maybe if the admins have some time on their hands, they can include this (I think it would help instructables to get a lot more visitors).

Some people may prefer to use alternating languages in each paragraph, and i will gladly do that for them.

I have not made a ible so I am not sure what the best way to go is yet, maybe a link to the Spanish version of the ible can be added to a existing English ible?

Hi Jayefuu

Whatever works best for you is the right choice. In my opinion starting a new ible would work better. Some people might find it confusing/annoying to have alternating languages as employed by rimar2000.

I agree with you that an expandable link in Spanish or other languages would be wonderful. I'm very much new here but I'll see if i can contact the right person with this question. Maybe they could add such a tag in the bbcode as suggested by you?

i will make sure i make a spanish version of all my ibles