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Translating a Schematic to a Circuit Board Answered

I need help translating this schematic to a circuit board. As in which rows to place what due to emitters and bases. I'm new at this, please help.


i tried to download the program but there was an error during installation that won't allow me to run it. but im trying to make this on a small printed circuit board.

Are you wanting to use a perfboard or make a small printed circuit board?

There are apps available on the interned that wil help you to make a board out of a schematic. Check out E.A.G.L.E. by cadsoft. There is a free version available.

You will have to redraw the schematic and eagle will help you create a board from it. Even if you don't make an actual pc board, by making one in eagle, it will help you on component placement and wiring.

Eagle link.