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Transmission hologram turned into volumetric image ? Answered

Hello ! I am new here..but hopefuly someone could help me, or at least give an opinion. Here we go...in the next few weeks I'll receive a transmission hologram from someone (already recorded).Now the problem is that I have to project it, and since it is a simple transmission hologram I would like some ideas of ways to project it. I've been thinking to turn it into a volumetric hologram(2d or 3d) with some parabolic mirrors. However..I am not really prepared for something too spectacular since I am just a highschool student...Thanks in advance&I am sorry for any wrong terminology used. Waiting for ideas..


Where have you got the basic optical design for that you say uses parabolic mirrors ?


White light ?
How big is the hologram ?

The light used is red..and as I've been told it has small dimensions(I can't tell exactly).