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Transmission swap? Answered

Will the manual transmission off of a 4 cylinder s10 easily replace an automatic transmission on a V6 s10 of the same year?


The transmissions are not inter changeable, the four cylinder transmission will not handle the torque of the v6. The gear ratio changes will drive you out of your mind and the computers will never allow it. The clutch pedal/ brake pedal assemblies will interchange and that will help install a manual transmission behind the v6. The only way that really works is to find a manual transmission for the V6 and swap the transmission, pedals assembly, wire harness and computer! I bought a manual equipped S10 from the local gas company and made my conversion work that way. The automatic went into the Gas Company Truck and I sold it!

Bottom line, try to swap out the transmissions between your two trucks and you will hate life, spend more money than I did, never get it to work correctly and replace the manual transmission any way.

I bought the manual truck, made the swaps, put a new clutch in and rebuilt the manual transmission and still made money when sold the Gas Truck with the automatic. I used the money to replace the drive shaft with those stupid cardan joints.

I have both trucks- the 4 cylinder s-10 and the v6 s-10 I do have a mechanic background and this isn't my first rodeo, I was just wondering if the manual was interchangeable for the 4 and 6 cylinder S-10's

 yes you can just not easily an auto to a manual swap is serious stuff it is possible but unless you are experienced and do this sort of thing day in and day out so my suggestion is if you think you can do it go for it but remember if you make a mistake you are going to pay a LOT of money to fix it  

Not easily.  You'll have to swap flywheel, bell housing,  maybe transmission brackets, lenghten the drive shaft.  Add clutch mounting, linkage.  Cut a hole in the hump for the shift lever.  The manual transmission is probably the same for both the 4 cyl. and the 6 cyl. motors but you should check first.  There are probably several major things and lots of minor things that I've forgotten.

If you've got the whole pu with the standard where you can use it as a donar parts car then it's much easier.

.  Yep. Changing from auto to manual (or the other way around) is not a swap-and-go job.
.  There is a good chance that somebody has a kit for making the swap that would include the flywheel, clutch, clutch pedal pedestal and linkage, driveshaft (if needed), &c. It won't be very cheap and it sure won't be easy.
.  The easiest solution is another auto transmission. See if you can find a rebuilt one or try junkyards for a used one out of a wreck.