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Transparent cement? Answered

I would love to inquire more information about transparent cement. I am doing this research and I would appreciate it if someone could help me to find articles related to this topic. I would also like to know if some students are able to apply this idea and how could they manage to make this material. I read about i-light cement, but I wonder how, if possible, could this be made. I would appreciate your help!



4 years ago

Hello, I hope this answer helps.

I saw a documentary recently and they had cement that you could cast a shadow through.

They made it by putting glass fibers in with the premix and then they made the cement as normal, Google something like glass fibers in cement or cast a shadow through cement and you should find it.

What do you want to use the cement for? Maybe you could make it out of acrylic, perspex, polycarbonate or some other transparent plastic.

I saw a concrete block made to pass light by embedding fibre optic cable in the concrete. Unable to find the source now though.

What do you mean ? "cement" covers a multitude of meanings: Balsa "cement" and polystyrene "cement" are both clear.

By cement I mean the clinker, Portland cement used in concrete

Too bad ..... StarrTrek has that transparent aluminum ;-)

Seems to me you want to use glass bricks between the cement

There's no sign I can see without a lot of digging that i-light is made with OPC.

And there are LOTS of different cements for concrete too, Magnesia bases, alumina based.

Portland cement is by its nature not transparent. A resin system might bond building elements though

Heres the article in the daily mail.


So, basically the cement panel has slit like holes in it that let the light through, one could possibly achieve the same effect with strips of perspex laid in a similar pattern to that which they used.