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Transporting mountain bike with wheels removed. How do I protect chain and components? Answered

I'm using a dual hitch carrier and have removed the wheels because they drag on lower cargo. How do I protect the chain and components on this lengthy haul (2,200 miles)?


I had my racing bike on a roof mount carrier for my move from Florida to New York, 1000 miles. It survived the trip a little dusty and wet but ok. The trick is to keep the pedals and wheels from spinning by tying them down with some rags wrapped around them and electrical tape. They do sell something that looks like food plastic wrap which you can "shrink wrap" around the bottom of your bike. You can find it where they have moving/shipping supplies, Staples. Good luck.

I definitely second the 'pallet wrap' suggestion. Oil the chain beforehand, then coil it into a bunch, then even use household saran wrap to keep the elements out.

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