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Trash movies Answered

Did anyone else notice the flood of extremely bad movies this year?
Zombies, Nazi-Zombies, deadly virus that turns people into zombies...
And then there are these "creature films"....
Sharknado (1 to3 !!!), Three headed shark attack, Sharktopus VS Whalewolf, Lavalantula, Megashark VS Kolossus ....
Of course we also have a lot of adventure films in the lord of the ring style...

What is it that all these movies have in common?
They all take at least 90 minutes from your life LOL
Not sure where to start, the bad acting, the boring dialogs, the special effects - some are below high school level.
So what is it that makes companies produce such crap?
I admit I can quite enjoy a trash movie every now and then, but the level of trash is now higher than anything.

Do you think it is the fun of making it that drives the people, desperation to at least make a movie once or what it is?
Can't be to satisfiy the people buying those movies ROFL



2 years ago

All the "creature" movies you mention by name are purposefully bad--they were conceived as an homage to the wacky, often wildly creative B-movies of directors like Roger Corman. And seen by the now B-list actors as just a romp (with a paycheck).

Of course, IMO, a movie that's designed to be bad can't succeed on the same level as one that's bad unintentionally. And certainly all bad movies aren't enjoyable--intentionally or not. It's a serendipitous thing. Some you can't stand to sit through...others are like candy.

Personally, I've seen far more big-budget movies with fantastic CGI that are boring, formulatic and mindless violent. All those movies where the last half of the movie is just action-sequence "resolution"--the movie was effectively over, plot-wise, halfway through....

I agree, just saw the new mad max, I don't what was more stupid the movie or me for sitting through it.

I don't mind budget movies Blair witch project was brilliant, Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels, super size me, all great . But snakes on a plane? Taken3,

Was not talking about budget movies as they can be quite good to some extent.
The new Star Trek Renegades is a good example.
Made by fans with the joined help of former Star Trek actors - great to watch for every fan.
By "Trash movie" I mean those that not only have the worst special effects but also a utterly useless story line and actors with no acting training at all.
You know those where you think the guy on the screen is reading the scripts LOL
Basically the kind of movie where you say, once it is finally over: OMG, I totally wasted 90 minutes of my life! LOL
Budget movies are often fun to watch, trash movies make you wish everyone involved would have settled on a different hobby.

I watch these kinds of movie and enjoy them because they are low budget.

Think of them from a Maker's point of view - look at what they have achieved on a ridiculously low budget using home-spec computers!

OK, so they're no Avatar or Gravity on the effects front, but they are miles beyond the stuff full-sized studios could manage just a decade or two ago. You name some so-bad-they're good classics, but that same tradition of small-cast, low-budget, CGI all the effects in at home also produced Monsters.


In my opinion, it's mostly people in charge of studios that are more interested in making money than in making good movies.