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Traveller RPG: Write Sci-Fi with us! Answered

Hey guys, we are looking for people who want to write science fiction for FUN! Its a collborative efforts and not-for-profit so if you have great ideas about aliens and alien cultures, hard science and spacedrives, or want to help create a pocket empire within the Milky Way Galaxy, come have fun with us. No formal writing skills are needed, just bring your imagination!



Yoink, I played Traveller a couple of times, it was decades ago though.

I forget which version it was, but there was an AI virus involved in a galactic break-down of civilisation.

Yeah that was MegaTraveller. I was really disappointed that they destroyed the Thrid Imperium but this site is available to all, if you want to create an alien race and culture using the Traveller rules, come join us! If you want to make a famous (or infamous person) for the website, feel free to use your creative juices! If you want to make a pocket empire of galactic civilization, then our site is for you! There are several versions of Traveller available, from Classic to GURPS to Marc Miller's. Come look around, we like visitors.