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Traxxas 1/16???? Answered

Ok so which is better the 1/16 e-revo or the 1/16 slash. It would be used for stunts speed and wheelies definately. So what do you guys think im leaning towards the 1/16 e-revo.And i only want answers from those of you who actually have them not like oh my friend has one and its great only want straight answers not like well this ones good for this and that ones good for that just tell me what car is better.BTW its going to be brushless no matter what. Also there is a rumor going arout that the e-revo includes a battery is that true or what


 Go with a tmaxx. wayyyyy worth it. TRUST ME.

They both will go about as fast as one another. 

Once you eliminate the a-arms, driveline and tires, they are essentially the same vehicle. So the gearing is the same, the motors and batteries are the same and they will behave like one another.

In terms of durability, they should both be pretty durable so long you don't try to take on brick walls and such. The demo models we have in the shop are beat to heck and have only broken a servo, and an a-arm so far. These have been in use (Abuse! ;) ) since when we got them in this past summer.


Thanks so what is the retail price on the two of them and what are you selling them for. I think ill go with a revo. BTW do you if traxxas is coming out with a 1/16 summit?

I think we sell the revo for $300+taxes, and the slash is, I think but don't quote me on this, $290+taxes.

Regarding a mini summit, probably not! The normal version is a bear to deal with, I can only imagine how hard it would be to work on a 1/16 scale version!


I sell these and the Revo definitely likes to stay planted better.

Both come with a battery and a slow charger. I'd suggest a faster charger for the included battery if you do not already have a NiMH compatible charger. Make sure you have the proper adapter as well because Traxxas uses their own connector throughout the vehicle and the adapters are cheap at around $5 or so each.

Have fun!

-Mike (c/o Walt's Hobby, Syracuse NY)

Wow thanks thats my first response in 2 or 3 months but that doesnt exactly awnser my question which is more durable and is faster?