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Treo 650 keyboard issue. Please help! Answered

I have an old treo 650 and I want to open it up and move the guts to a different housing. The problem is the keyboard that the treo has will not do. It sucks majorly and I want a larger one. Are there other keyboards available that might work? Can i build one out of momentary switches on a PCB? I want one that is about four inches wide. Please help!


I think your odds of modifying one of those and still having the Palm work when you're done are better than your odds of modifying the Palm. Not sure whether you could just "cut one down" -- but it *should* be a fairly standard keyboard-encoder design so you could probably cut away the keyboard and replace it with your own switch matrix. Finding suitable buttons for your application would be up to you, of course.

Alternatively, you can go back to first principles: Find, or find out how to build, a serial port for the Palm. Find, or find out how to write, a Palm "wedge" driver which will tie the serial port in as keyboard input. Then it's just a matter of building and attaching a fairly standard keyboard, using a microcontroller or a dedicated keyboard-scanner chip.

There used to be external keyboards available for Palms, connecting through the accessory port at the bottom and installing a device driver to wedge their input into the Palm's input alongside the gestural input. I would think that a driver of that sort, and a keyboard attached as a serial device through that port, would be a better bet than trying to jerry-rig something onto the existing keyboard hardware.

I looked at the external keyboards, and they are all way too big for what I am trying to do. Do you think it might be possible to open one up and cut it down? OR is there other phone keyboards that might be compatible?