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Trombone Mouthpiece Dimensions Answered

So for a local science competition a couple of my friends and I are making a trombone out of copper pipe for a music event. In the rules it says the mouthpiece for the brass instrument cannot be store-bought or commercially made, so we are going to print our own with a 3D printer. The problem is, I can't find my 12C trombone mouthpiece to make the model from. So what I want to know is can someone measure every dimension of their 12C trombone mouthpiece with some calipers? I would greatly appreciate your help!



6 years ago

Ya, I've seen that page, but it doesn't give all the dimensions of the mouthpiece. I needed to model the entire mouthpiece, curves and all. Oh well, I borrowed a 12C from my band director and modeled it today. Thanks anyway!