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Trouble uploading a GIF Image! Answered

Well, I'm making an Instructable on Flash Animation. For the Intro, I want to put a GIF Image of an animation I made. While uploading the file, my computer froze up a couple of times. Everytime I see the Instructable, My comp freezes. The file is 1.44mb. I was wondering If its too big. And what other method can I use to show it. Perhaps a Youtube video?


Just give your browser some time to load. The problem is that our gif animation processor makes the files really big. It's probably something we need to look into. The animation is pretty funny.

erm......my computer just said CATASTROPHIC FAILURE...... And It got reeeeeeally slow. Then it said that birtual memory was too low and that windows is........thats all i remember.

. You're running out of memory. Shut down some programs and/or buy more RAM.

well, what I mean is, If it got me trouble, maybe other people will have trouble watching the instructable. I'll try putting through a URL, or make a Youtube video.


10 years ago

Try uploading it through a URL, host it on imageshack.us or xs.to ;-)

Oh, and what browser are you using? trying a different one might work.