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Trouble with my home phone. Answered

For some reason my home phone line is having trouble. When I am talking to someone on the phone there is very bad static which makes it hard to hear, and sometimes it will drop my call or even tap me into someones conversation. I though it might have been my phone, but even with the old phone unplugged there is the same problem. My phone company has sent people to fix the problem three times, and it might work for a day but will eventually have the same problem. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this?



My friend's phone does that too! Sometimes we can hear her grandma talking on the other phoneline in thier house.

Look into what Nacho wrote up first. Do you have DSL? Could you have a bad filter?

. Sounds a lot like bad wiring. Where the phone line comes to the house, there should be an interface box. Unplug the connector and plug in a phone that you know is good (and using a cable that you know is good). If the problems disappear, the bad wiring is in the house and you will probably be responsible for it. If the problems persist, it's the telco's problem. . It could also be a bad phone. Test at least one phone at a neighbor's house and plug it in. Plug your phones in one-by-one until the problem reappears.

What she said. It's almost definitely bad wiring. The static could be just about anything, but if you're hearing other people's conversations, you can narrow it down a little more. Assuming you're using a wired phone, that happens when two lines are interfering with each other. Just to make sure, if you're in a house, go find your junction box, which will usually be outside on the side of your house, open up the user open-upable part, connect a wired phone, and start calling back and forth on your cell phone or something. If you still have the same problems, it is definitely the phone company's fault, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. If you don't have the problems from your junction box, it's a wiring problem somewhere in your house. But before you do anything, you may want to go over your phone bill first and just check to see if you have an optional wire maintenance service. (My local phone company used to add a line maintenance plan thing by default, so a lot of people were paying for it and didn't know it.) It really does seem to be a problem on their end, though, and there's not much you can really do about it except to keep complaining, and maybe talk to some of your neighbors and get them to complain, too.

hmm. ive had the same problem. i found it was better after the 2nd ring, but was still there.

no. i think its in the box on a pole outside my house. 3 times its failed, shorted, froze or otherwise died.