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True trigger full auto/burst fire knex gatling gun Answered

True trigger, allows control of firing rate. Vids show full auto and burst fire. *note* my motor is nearly out of batteries in the video, so on full auto it's rate of fire was pretty slow.

******* Pic 3 & 4 - New and improved yellow rod firing gatling gun. Uses grey rod barrel and grey rod firing rams. Also because it is so huge, to prevent sagging in the support beam, I made a new support system which doesn't bend at all ( you can see how thick and straight it is), so it spins faster and steadier than before. Each bullet gets about 35+ feet. All thx to having more pieces.


Mind if I make something similar (with the trigger) so as I can make a big knex gun, and the "drum" (the thing that shoots the bullets) will be removeable Like a tommy gun...

yes. that would be awesome. I made a new trigger and I might post some pics.

So you don't mind? Btw whats the best knex motor?

I don't mind, and I hear people talking about that "trekker" motor I think it's called. It has like 3x the power of some motors, but they discontinued them and you can only find them online on places like ebay.

I might look, and if I buy it I'll let you know how powerful it is...

95% not. I have a new one I made with my larger amount of pieces. It uses grey rams, and shoots yellow rods 40ish feet each.


Get Quicktime or VLC media player.


9 years ago

So.................. Are you gonna make instuctions for it or what? Cuz I really want to build this.......

that looks like that weird shotgun with the drum clip

the movies dont work but uhhh the huge round thing looks verrrrrrry similar ...... hmmmm did u use my gun but modified?

They don't work, dam. I made your gun. But that design has been used by all. So basically you could call it yours, but it's really everyones. I must admit it is similar to yours in many ways though. I just want to be able to have a portable gatling gun with a trigger, instead of all the ones on stands with a fixed block thing, or one you just move in the right place.

seen my gat? It was the first of its kind. Never posted, so I guess it does not count... Nice gun though. I should really get myself one of those motors.

Knex Photos - Gat, Sorter, & V4 005.jpgKnex Photos - Gat, Sorter, & V4 004.jpg

:-D Yeah its not bad.. The motor was not good enough though...

Looks like it went on your arm, dude if it did that think would be amazing!

if you post i will build and rate 5*

looks like a grenade laucher

i cant watch the movie. oh yeah!!! im ungrounded from the computer FINALLY!!!!

Yeeeesssss POST!

thats guns are very powerfuls i like the 2 pistols trauts and i_am_canadian these 2 are very good in arm jeje