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Trying to make music controlled leds with arduino? Answered

Ok So I decided to take a netgear router apart, and it had a circle of 8 smd led's And I figured out the pinout to hook them up to my arduino (I know which wire goes to each led basicly) Theres one power input, and the rest are grounds, And I decided I wanted to make it pulse to music. 

I want it to do two modes, (Maybe by the push of a button? Theres a button on the led board but idk how to use it. I know the 9 pins to make the leds work, but theres 3 left that I dont know what they do. I want to make one mode that will make all 8 pulse at the same time, And one that will make a pulse from led1 to led8.

I have a button, My ipod, my arduino, the Led circle, and a speaker plugin. The speaker plug in plugs into my ipod, and it has a copper wire, a white wire and a red wire. 

Im not sure how to hook it all together and write a code for it. So Im looking for some assistance....
Thanks! :D

(I also added a picture of the led board, and of the speaker wire)


Are you looking for something like this?


In a sense yes, Sort of. But slightly different. But thats basicly what Im going for

Search for led VU arduino or led colour organ arduino. There are literally hundreds of sets of instructions here on ibles and elsewhere on the net.