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Trying to run my sony Cybershot from an external 12V supply. Need help Answered


I am currently trying to build a housing that will turn my Sony DSC W-55 Cybershot Camera into a time lapse camera (Automatically take a photo every X Seconds for an extended period of time).

I have already built the enclosure that houses the camera, circuit board and actuator that presses the shutter release button ever 15sec. (Adjustable). Pictures below


I Need to run the camera for very long periods of time (current baseline is >8hr, but indefinately would be nice). The camera uses a Sony G-Type Li-Ion Battery that does not provide the runtime I need for this application, so I am trying to hook the camera up to an external supply. The battery has three terminals as follows

[+] = ~3.9V    (No surprise here)
[C] = 3V         (This is weird)
[-]  = 0V

I accepted that the extra terminal was strange, but figured it would not be hard to simulate.

I used an LM317 Adj. Voltage regulator to simulate the 3.7V [+] Terminal and a voltage divider off of the 3.7V bus to get the 3V required for the [C] terminal. I double checked everything and plugged it in with no success, the camera will not turn on.

My question is, what smarts are in the battery that I need to simulate, or is there something wrong with my current set-up. Any help will be appreciated.




Tool Using Animal

8 years ago

Have you tried it without the 3V terminal. The thermistor terminal is generally related to charge control, not in camera use.

Yep, and it didn't work.

There is a little red LED near the battery port that blinks briefly when I install the proper battery. It also blinks when I plug in my above set-up, but when I do what you suggested and omit the middle pin it does not blink.

I just picked up the appropriate resistors and will give it another go tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.

GoodhartJohn Culbertson

Reply 8 years ago

Hmmm, sounds like it is used to sense a low battery state then possibly ?


I think that Part number might be a typo as I was unable to find that port on my camera and could find reference to it anywhere else.

I have read up and found that the third pin is a thermisistor and I am working on simulating it by changing the resistance values of the voltage divider.

I will post later after I give it a shot.