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Tube Amp tips? Answered

Lately I've been pondering building a tube amp for my electric guitar, and I'm wondering if anyone has tips on component selection/could recommend some resources for me, since I'm not exactly an audio expert.  I'm considering something in the way of a half-stack, any ideas on what the cost would be of building that, and what kind of wattage I could get without breaking the bank?


Build something small the first time.  Build from an established plan.  You've never built one so you don't have any idea what you don't know yet.  It's better to waste $150 and learn to build nice so you don't waste $500-600 on an amp you can't get to work.

Tino Zotolla has 4 books that are instructions for building guitar amps.  Book one has several amps that work pretty good but don't use an expensive power transformer or expensive output transformer.

When you build your second amp. get a kit unless you are really good at picking parts.  you won't find all your parts in one place.  Maybe half a dozen places.

There are lots of resources on the net.  Google "guitar tube amp".  You'll get more than you can read.

Probably a good idea to start small, electronics don't get along with me very well :).  Thanks for the link to Tino Zotolla's books, those would definitely be good to have.  I'd been doing some reading on the net about tube amps before I posted, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here as well.

I built one of Tino's amps.  It's in book one I think, the AA5 amp.  Parts cost me about $100.  It sounds okay but it works.   So it was worth the experience.  I'm collecting parts for a 5E3 now.

Good luck.