Turn Aluminum ingots into Aluminum Oxide powder? Answered


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I've been smelting for quite a while and now want to make some flash powder, all tutorials use a blender or rock tumbler and aluminum foil, which I do not have(I have aluminum ingots, much more aluminum then just foil.) Can I smelt it out thin and file it finely?Or is there a better way


The ball mill is really the best way to ensure you get ultrafine powder; finer is better when making flash powder. If you can smelt it down to a liquid and pour it thin over a surface without contaminating it, you'll be able to make near-foil thickness. Cut that up and put in a ball mill. You can make a ball mill out of an old motor, some pulleys, some ball bearings and a soda/pop bottle.

I remember one time I tried dribbling, pouring through a small hole so to form droplets,  molten lead into a bucket of water.  The resulting pieces of cooled lead were mostly flat, and also "splatter" shaped.  Although flat, these pieces were not super thin, like the aluminum foil sold in stores.

I mention this just because the process was very simple.  All I needed was a steel can with a small hole in the bottom, plus a bucket of water.

I don't know if this trick would work with molten aluminum, but it would be something easy to try, if you have a way to melt the aluminum. 

At present, I do not have the tools to melt aluminum in my garage/laboratory, which is unfortunate, because I kinda want to try this.

Also, BTW, the word "smelting" is not a synonym for "melting".  Smelting is a chemical process,
by which metal ores, or rather the metal ions in metal ores, are reduced (gain electrons) to the pure metal

In contrast, melting is a purely physical process, just adding sufficient heat to a solid, enough to make it melt and become liquid.

Were you trying to make bird shot with the led?

There is a trick to that.

Take a piece of angle iron coated in oil on a steep slope to a pail of oil and dribble the led in the angle iron to the bucket of oil. As the droplets of led role down the angle iron they cool enough to keep their round shape.

I was trying to make the lead into a more granular form, so that when I went to melt some next time, it  would be easy to weigh out just as much as I needed. 

However, this method you describe sound like something fun to try. 

I read one way to make spherical lead shot is to let drops of lead cool while falling through air, but the distance of air was large, like tens of meters, necessitating an enormous tower to give the drops enough space to cool completely.

But this method of rolling the drops down a ramp sounds much better, because that apparatus might actually fit inside my garage.

It’s a hand loaders trick, it should fit almost anywhere you only need a two foot ramp.

I make my own ammunition, in one of my reloading manuals there is a history of shot and the shot towers. Have you seen the Sparks Shot Tower in Philadelphia it is a 200 year old 142-foot tall tower.

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Of course it will still be possible to own a pencil sharpener, but that will require a license, and yearly registration fees.

I don't think I have ever seen a shot tower IRL, but I imagine a building like that kinda looks like every other building that's that tall.

The Sparks Shot Tower looks like a smoke stack.

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