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Turn a Massage (vibrating) chair to work with Xbox 360 Answered

I had an idea although IDK how to implement it. I have a Vibrating massage chair (its just like a average recliner with some vibrators in it)
I had lost the wall wort power adapter for this in a move a couple years ago and recently i had an idea while looking for gaming chairs and i thought to myself this would be more comfortable than something i could afford being a $500+ chair already i think I might try to fix it and in the process make it a gaming chair. I just dont know how........

So basically this chair uses a 12v 600MaH/.6v Power adapter (which i lost and when i was going to replace it thought i might me able to do more with this than just make it work again. So once it is plugged in it has a corded remote that has a back and seat vibration control's of off high and low. now i am not thinking of making the vibrations respond with intensity but just vibrate in general in conjunction with the system.

I would say I have a Intermediate knowledge about soldering modding etc. Although I have no IDEA how to do this.

I think it would somehow require a special Controller connected to the chairs power. As all i would want is the chair to vibrate when the controller does. The back oof the chair has a velcro flap that i an access the innerds of the chairs mecanism (i suppose for fixing it if it broke) So the only thing is how to hook up the controller in a way its not obtrusive to controlling it and simply how to do it. I know this may be a hard question to ask about without someone seeing the chair but is it possible??? How do gaming chairs achieve this effect ????? I would like it to be connected to the controller somehow and not the xbox as the cord is undesirable.

So basically all I need to do is make some sort of circuit that is connected to the xbox controller that turns the chair on when it turns on. thats basically it.

so first of all is it possible and if so any pointers???
I think it would also make a nice instruct-able after I find out how to do it. I assume it would require some soldering and at MOST and Arduino but I hope not as i do not have much experience with them. although if it does maybe someone can help me and all the Arduino Programing would all be credited to whoever helps me with the code.

So yeah I would like to make this work I really think it would be cool as i already have a sound system that is good enough for sound (i can easily wire some extra speakers to be mounted behind the chair and once i get the vibration i would basically have a nice lay-z-boy gaming chair IDK.

I have no xbox controller modding exp ( i never really wanted to or had the need) so it would be a learning experience for me although if it could be done with a USB connection to the Xbox that would be ok for now ( i would run it under the rug but its not the optimal result i want)

In all since this chair already has the vibration mecanism i would think it would be possible and hopefully not that difficult to do. (at least i hope so)

If this interests anyone I would GREATLY appreciate your help. and i will certanly tag anyone who helps me with this when i finish and make an instruct-able.

So in all thank all of you who reply to this post and I hope i posted this in the correct forum as i never have asked for help on this site.


What type of controller are you planning to use? ( wired or wireless)

I would use whatever is easiest to make work (i would Think Wired would be easier) Although the only idea i have is to basically open up a controller and after knowing a bit more. I think i would need to make some sort of switch that would activate the chair when power is supplied by the controller to the vibration (i dont want to remove the vibration feature from the controller i just wish to add more to the effect)

I believe it can be done relatively easily although i am not a xbox 360 controller modder so i have yet to see how it works inside.

So I want this to be as simple as possible I presume I will have a cord from the controller to the chair (want it to be removable and still let the chair work normally) So yes a Simple Power Switch is all i can think of as if i have the chair set on and create a switch which would give power to the chair when the vibration starts is the simplest thing i can think of although it might not be best or as easy as i think.

I know this is more information than you asked for although to make sure i answer your question specifically is. I would prefer wireless as I think i will have a wire connected to the chair so a wired controller would then have 2 wires so then it would become a bit cumbersome to deal with that. So i would prefer a wireless controller so all it connects to is the chair. Also if at all Possible i would like the controller and the chair to work normally when not used together. As i want the vibration to work on the controller if it is not plugged in the chair and the chair to be work exactly the same as if the controller mod was never their.

So a simple answer is I want to use wireless. (Although i want to use what works best)

sorry if it took too long to reply again, but would you be able to acquire a suitable plugpack for the massage chair? this may be needed as attaching the massage chairs motors to the xbox controllers motors may drain too much power from the controller or the motors cant run at the low voltage and the motors wont work.

I AM SORRY for the late response as i thought this subject was not interesting to anyone.

yes this chair has its own power supply and a dc in plug on a cord. At this power junction i was planning on making a switch that is controlled by the xbox controller to turn on and off the chairs power. I am thinking as long as the chair is set to be on when this is connected (i would like to make it removable from the chair. I understand i will most likely have a cord coming out of my controller to connect to that point.)

I think i could even figure this out although I dont know how to make it work with the controller. IDK if it would be the best way to do it but here is how it works in my mind although IDK what i need to make this work.

I want to make a small device that uses dc power from my chairs power inverter. as the chair has a female plug and the power adapter has a male plug i wish to make this piece removable by having a male and female plug on it also. all i was this device to do is to stop power from being delivered to the chair until the controller tells it to let some through. I plan on doing that part by simply running a cord to the power cord (maybe somewhere else on the controller will work better?) then after making a hole in my controller or since i have no need for the Microphone jack i may re-purpose one of those holes so the cord can leave the front of the controller. and connect that to the device connected to my chair.

So IDK how to create this I need to make a Power Flip Switch That is controlled by my Xbox 360 controller. I HAVE no IDEA how to go about doing this i would think i need to make a switch that when it receives power from the controller it flips a switch that turns on the power by completing the circuit thus making the chair vibe. now how to make this (and not break stuff or worse start a fire inside my chair) I think this is a project i could do with some advice. errr instructions LOL I can do this but i would need to know the parts i need and such I dont know how complicated this would be I think it is relatively simple as it is eventuality a powered switch? correct? if so i bet someone could do it in their sleep.

If all the above sounds correct to make this could someone list me components i need and also if needed could you draw a diagram (i am Terrible with circuitry diagrams so something more like a how to diagram if possible. So if it even needs a board basically draw that out???? I would just buy a protyping board and wire the connections or scratch off the connections I will take suggestions when the time comes.

Lastly just to specifically answer your question if i haven't already. Yes I can get the required Power plug as I never considered trying to run the chair off the controller battery. I will be getting one from the shack and i will also be getting the extra plugs their too as i know they sell them for a universal power pack and they are perfect just a plug with two leads coming out the back end.

Sorry for the long post/s I am sorta typing out my ideas for this. If anything i say is too convoluted please ask anything.

Sorry for the late reply i did not expect a quick answer thank you very much for that if you continue to help me i will check daily or more if needed. I thank you for your reply! I hope a LOT thank you have an idea and can help me.

I am a beginner modder i suppose as i dont use prototype boards or anything i only use pre-made PCB's and I only Solder On my own. So i need to be able to buy anything i will need as i can only put things together not to good with the creation and for this project i dont want to use a bread board but i will entertain purchasing pre-made pcb or even prototyping PCB that i can solder tight and scratch out unwanted connections but thats as prototype as i would like. is a PCB is needed for this project i would like to order one for it i would need the circuit diagrams and such as i said i can put it together but make it......

SO AGAIN THANK YOU and AGAIN SORRY for the late post and the long posts. I hope i answered any other questions you might have. I will be able to look up online how to open the controller and such i need just the nitty gritty. I will hopefully turn this into an 'able and will cite you as the designer it will basically be a walkthrough of what you tell me here but with the pictures so others can do it easily.

This sounds a little like something I saw on a show called Oddities (Obscura Antiques).