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Turn on Dell Latitude laptops without charger Answered

Recently my uncle gave mi 2 laptops Dell Latitude wich he found in his job, but here comes the problem I don't have any charger for they and because of that I can't comprobate if they run.

Can I use a Acer charger or a power suply of a desktop to satart the laptops? Any other idea?



I'd say " Be prepared for a broken laptop" but in this case it doesn't matter, right?

Laptop supplies are not always the same and even though it might say 19v it might not mean a perfectly straight DC line. Some laptops are designed to work when there is a certain ripple or modulation in the pattern of the voltage and the absence of such will mean the laptop will not run, charge or may even break. Even if it does work you should still expect that the battery will diminish quickly or even leak.

If you'd paid £500 for the lappy Id say buy a new lead but 2 for free? If they are the same model experiment on one of them :D

Good luck

Just to find out, if they can be turned on you could make any kind of connection from Acer powersupply to Dell power socket. Just be careful because it's better not to shortcircuit the power supply. To be safe, buy suitable socket and plug and make kind of an extension cord for it.

You have all info about Acer charger already written on it. And if you google the Dell model number it's charger voltage and amperage can be found. If not elsewhere then some replacement supplys on sell will have their technical info provided on ebay or somewhere. I have seen a Dell, an Acer and HP all using 19V chargers.

I have charged a Mac, which original power supply is 24V, sucessfully with a Dell 19V supply. I guess it is possible because the voltage is stepped down once more inside the computer before actually charging battery. Don't remember exactly how much, but battery voltages are definately lower than 19V.

I would give it a try before buying a whole universal charger.

buy a used one or a generic one, desktop power supply won't work unless you make your own by doing a small circuit that transforms 120V into the output required for your laptop (should be specified on the bottom)

If you will no longer require your Acer charger and more importantly IF the voltage supplied by the charger matches your laptop's requirements you can buy an adapter and replace it for the old one.