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Turn your monitor into a lamp. (no modding) Answered

Here I have made a PPT presentation for making lamps, moodlights or whatever out of your monitors. I got the idea by seeing that holding a magnifying glass in front of my monitor gave a clean but tiny image on my wall, but the rest was bright and blurry like a moodlight. The file is given below. Save it, open it and use it.


Where is your presentation please, I opened your PPT but it has rgb colors in it only (as far as i am concerned). It makes sense as your file is itself called rgb colours though.
Is there any such a file, because I just bought a TV set thinking I would try and make a lamp out of it by cutting open the CRT but it seems more difficult than expected to cut open a CTR, thanks a bunch

Buy cutting open the CRT i hope you don't mean to cut the tube open and try to use it like that. Do you know how a CRT works?

Morning. I didn't know anything about CRT until yesterday. I have spent hours online and googling and youtubing about it. I have watched recycling industries doing it using heavy duty machines. I have watched "punks" using hammers to break CRTs into pieces (what s the point of that, I wonder...). Eventually I have seen another video telling me about how to discharge the CRT and how to balance the pressure between the in and out before proceeding any further. That is what I did. Mine is discharged and there is no more pressure inside. I still wonder about cutting it open in order to keep the front side only in the frame of steel. Remove the grid inside and wash off the phosphore from the screen, put everything back together with a light bulb inside to use it as a side bed lamp (rather vintage). I need a glass cutter. Thanks

 This also serves as a great tool to isolate dead pixels on your monitor.