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Turning Old Pc into Back-up server?? Answered

 hey what guys, I was wondering if there was some way i can use my old system to constantly back-up, My Emu-Tank and my Ferarri. i did a little research and i wasnt able to findly anything that basiclly devotes the entire pc to backing up my other 2 pcs.  i will post any info you need thanks anyone who can help me with this pickle :)


.  If you are running Windows, make sure file sharing is turned on, both computers are in the same workgroup, and that you have at least one folder on the server shared.
.  For automatic backups, write a batch file that copies the files you want to backup to the server then add a Scheduled Task that runs the batch file.
.  Or find a program that will do the backups for you.
.  It's not as complicated as it sounds. Google is your friend.

 Do a search on "build backup server" or look up NAS (network attached storage).  Plenty of stuff out there, windows and Linux flavors.  Good luck.