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Turning a hard drive into a USB storage device? Answered

I have a couple of hard drives and I was wondering, can you turn it into a portable USB storage device? I saw the instructable about putting thumb drives inside the case but what about using the hard drives disk's?


I want to convert an old computer hard drive into a USB storage devices, not buy one already made.

Thats what it is - its called an ENCLOSURE - you put your hdd in it and it hooks up to the usb.

Thanks, I do expect people to click links like that...


lol. It LOOKS like a regular external if you don't spell it out ;)

"Enclosure" is more familiar than "case"?
(I know that's the usual product-description, but it's a less often used word)


To clarify my first comment -- the op needs to comprehend what an enclosure is, as they still seemed confused at that point :)

Buy empty case, or adapter cable with inline electronics. Plug drive into that. Plug that into USB. Done.

I've got such a case sitting on my desktop right now; they're available as cheap generics if you shop around a bit.

Of course given that the other thing on my desk is a 1.5 TB external hard drive, which set me back a grand total of $65 for the whole thing, it isn't at all clear that spending $20 for the adapter/case is worth considering. unless those hard drives are particularly huge.