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Turning a threaded rod with a motor? Answered

Hi everyone,
I'm wondering how I could make a motor (with a 4mm shaft diameter) turn a 1/4 in. metal rod. I'm planning on supporting one end of the rod in a piece of wood, and the other of the end will be attached to the motor so that when the motor spins, the rod also spins in the wood.


Look over there>>>>>>>>>> Homemade Motor Arbor in the "Related" column on the right of this page.

Rubber hose and 2 clamps, works a treat.

I assume you mean the metal rod's diameter is 1/4 in.
If that is the case, you could drill a 4mm hole in the rod (along it's center), and another small hole perpendicular to it. Then insert the motor shaft into the 4mm center hole of the rod, and use a screw in the smaller hole to fasten the shaft in it's place.

6.35mm and a 4mm hole, leaves 1.12mm on radius to get a screw in. Won't work.


In that case I would suggest a taking a dowel and drilling a 4mm in one end and a 1/4in. in the other end.
You can then fit the dowel over the motor shaft and the metal rod into the dowel. Secure either with screws as mentioned above or with high strength glue.